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The Local Collaborative (“Local”) flagship office is located just steps from the ocean in Hermosa Beach. Its immediately adjacent selection of broad-ranging restaurants, bars, and specialty retail stores make for a vibrant surrounding area. As vibrant as the neighborhood is, the property itself has transformed an existing, pristine Historical Theatre into a lively, beachfront co-working business venture. The theater has been uniquely preserved and adaptively reused to accentuate its 26-foot high ceilings, offering a skylight and built-out private offices.

20,000 people live in the City of Hermosa Beach and 41% of the City’s population is between the ages of 25 and 44, the ideal age group for co-working. The City also reports that 95% of employed Hermosa Beach residents leave the City for work. If we assume 100% of the residents between ages 25 – 44 are employed and 95% of them leave the City for work, there are 7,790 potential co-working members within walking distance to Local Collaborative Hermosa Beach.

Located next to the beach, Local Collaborative Hermosa Beach also benefits from the Strand, a walking and bike path paralleling the ocean that connects Redondo Beach to Santa Monica. This walking and biking path is another easy, alternative and enjoyable transportation route connecting Local to many residential neighborhoods. Hermosa Beach reports that 1,000 bikes per hour pass through Hermosa Beach on the weekends. The City also reports that 51,000 vehicles travel through Hermosa Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway everyday.


Living an active, outdoor lifestyle is something you can promote as part of your business’s culture when you’re part of Local Collaborative. The “Walk Score” of this neighborhood is 92/100, reflecting a “Walker’s Paradise.” Nearly all daily conveniences and amenities are available via a short walk from the address. Outside Local’s doors awaits a teeming ecosystem full of possibilities for you and your team.


  • Every Friday, the City of Hermosa Beach sponsors a Farmers Market adjacent to the site on Pier Avenue featuring fresh produce and local vendors.
  • There is a 12,000-square-foot Trader Joe’s Market just 0.6 miles from the property. Quick walks to the market are another great way to enjoy the bright Hermosa sunshine.
  • The Strand, a beautiful beachfront sidewalk linking Hermosa to Manhattan and Redondo Beach, is just a few strides away. Walks on the strand are popular and ideal for work calls, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and strolling with potential clients or customers.
  • Parking is available in the multi-level garage structure next door, making it a cinch for you and your employees to commute.


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