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Lauren Tennery
Lauren Tennery, Director of Operations/Community Manager

With a journey that spans continents and a passion for building meaningful relationships, Lauren Tennery is a seasoned professional who thrives on creating genuine connections. Hailing originally from the serene shores of South Lake Tahoe, California, Tennery set out on an adventurous path that took her to the vibrant ‘Land Down Under’ – Australia. 

In Australia, Tennery immersed herself in the dynamic world of business management, studying and honing her skills to navigate the complexities of the corporate realm. Her time in Australia not only broadened her perspective but also provided invaluable experiences that shaped her professional journey. Now settled in the bustling hub of Los Angeles, Lauren has found a new source of inspiration surrounded by Californian sunshine. With an extensive background working with like-minded and creative people, she has developed a profound understanding of the importance of forging authentic connections in both personal and professional settings.

Lauren takes pride in engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds, bridging gaps, and fostering collaborative environments. Her innate talent for understanding others’ needs and desires allows her to create meaningful interactions that go beyond the surface level. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Lauren brings her expertise in business management, coupled with a natural affinity for interpersonal relationships, to the coworking community. She can recognize and leverage the synergies among coworkers, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. Whether it’s introducing like-minded professionals, facilitating networking opportunities, or simply lending an empathetic ear, Lauren strives to build a community that nurtures connections and sparks a shared sense of achievement.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys exploring the rich cultural scene of Los Angeles and immersing herself in the surrounding Southern California nature.

With a passion for people and a wealth of experience in business management, Lauren Tennery is an invaluable asset to any coworking ecosystem. Her genuine approach, combined with a dedication to fostering collaboration, makes her a trusted partner for professionals seeking a dynamic and supportive community. 

Contact Lauren today to unlock the full potential of your co-working experience and discover a network of connections that will drive your professional journey to new heights.

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